Bed Butler Soft Classic Supreme Mattress - Super King (6' x 6'6")

£ 499.99
The Soft Classic Supreme Mattress by the Bed Butler Company incorporates the latest pocket spring technology to give excellent support and comfort The vast experience of our master craftsmen ensure that the Classic Supreme Mattress will give the ultimate support and comfort expected for a good nights sleepThe Bed Butler Classic Supreme Mattress is made using only the finest natural material As we spend approximately one third of our life in bed it is essential that the mattress we lie on will maintain the correct support The Classic Supreme Mattress will give that support and comfort for many yearsThe Bed Butler Classic Supreme Mattress has 1500 springs each one sewn into its own individual pocket These pockets are linked together to keep them in their correct position but they can move independently from each other This allows every part of the body to be supported without other adjacent pocket springs being affectedThe Bed Butler Classic Supreme Mattress is upholstered using 500 gms pure lambs wool and 1250 gms of cotton This together with layers of teased horse hair cover the 1500 pocket springs to ensure perfect comfort and supportThe whole mattress is covered in the finest natural cotton fabric allowing it to be turned as necessaryThe Bed Butler Classic Supreme is designed for a person who likes a soft comfort level

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